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Posted by grunesdragon - September 4th, 2019


Artfight 2019 was fun as fuck but also murdered me a little. Right now just focusing on my dragon lore illustrations and not feeling pressed to do anything else.

I will probably do Inktober because I've done it the past couple years and don't want to break the chain.

I've accepted I don't really have the space to do art dolls... Still doing other, tiny crafts but nothing so far worth posting.

Trying to move out, living somewhere nicer would be great for the mental health which would be great for making more art.

Posted by grunesdragon - June 10th, 2019

~i recently completed a series called The Eleven (it's flight rising fanart), once i figure out how to jam 11 images into 1 reasonable post i'll put it here!

~i'm also working on an art doll for a friend's birthday at the moment, but once that's complete i have special plans involving a dragon and some kick ass rainbow tye dye fur :D also i'll probably try to make a unicorn even though it likely won't be done in time for Junicorn... oops

~something that's actively being worked on aside from one-off commissions and random fanart is a series of illustrations for my flight rising/dragon story! i'm not that good at writing so i'm hoping the illustrations will help carry the mediocre writing and also kinda stand on their own, does anyone know a good way to post a mixed media thing like that to NG? anyway i have the first one fully lined and the second one is mostly lined - just 13 more linearts to go, and i have to color and shade all of those...

~shoutout to TheEnkian, sorry i was sidetracked and didn't participate in your contest bro! still thankful for the good vibes back when you scouted me, i think your game project is neat and i'm glad you have enough drive to work on such a thing!

~shoutouts to simpleflips

Posted by grunesdragon - December 29th, 2018

Honestly this is more of a reminder to self but y'know.

I spent... uh, almost 6 years now fully dedicated to trying to gain art clout on Tumblr. Drawing, improving and waiting for the notes to roll in was my #1 goal for a huge proportion of my life, during some of the most important years thereof. I even dropped out of high school, setting my sights on working really hard at art and applying to a local art school I liked. (That didn't exactly pan out. I miss my friends.)

Two or three years ago, I thought I was finally getting somewhere when I started hitting 1000ish notes on some of my art. It was great... but then it slowed down... and stopped. I never passed 250 followers. Over the next couple of years, my notes crawled to between 2 and 5 despite pretty significant overall improvement. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have my brand new, loving, and PATIENT friends from an art discord. (Love you guys, thanks for not hating me for being so miserable back then. o/)

So now, with Tumblr's self-implosion and a twitter thread that talked honestly about the fact that not everyone is going to make it... I'm here. For all the work I put in and everywhere I went along the way, I'm here on NG with little to nothing. I have my friends and I've made a few nice aquaintances - and let me be clear, that's far from nothing - but as far as that dream of a successful commission career? Not so much. I've been slowly embracing that I might have been stupid for chasing that dream and that it's dead. It's, uh, well, heartbreaking, frankly.

That said, I'm not here to be sad. I've embraced the idea that I'll be working minimum wage jobs so I can go home and draw things that make only me happy, and that's OK. That's just how life is gonna pan out.

More than that, I feel my chances of success could rise again if I undergo a significant stylistic change - One I already have a leg up on.

7152682_154606478172_big_foxy_energy_by_grunesgryphon_dcm2o82-fullview.png 7152682_154606477742_green_bork_by_grunesgryphon_db2o8en-fullview.png

I actually used to draw stuff like this on my arms all day in school to pass the time.(These are from a little while ago)

I think between my sumi/ink lineart style and how I've been getting a little better at color lately, if I try to push something like this and really work hard to make it look good I could create a little unique niche and maybe make a tiny bit more money. Or at least notoriety. Or something.

And that's just kinda how it stands. I hope I get somewhere.


Posted by grunesdragon - December 4th, 2018

hewwo, I draw a lot of pokemon, furry and animal related content (esp. dragons)

as the title would suggest i'm here from tumblr